How it works

021 is a 4-month remote accelerator that consists of a 1-month product sprint and 3-month growth sprint

1.) We research and commit to a product together that is catered to your unique skillset & experience, then design a product roadmap to get you launched & profitable in 1 month

2.) During the month you build out the core product while we work together on sales copy, marketing assets, a landing page, and branding

3.) We cover all pre-launch costs (like servers, domains, and software tools) and provide you with a program manager to help you hit your roadmap goals

4.) At the end of the month we launch the product for you on Product Hunt, Indie Hackers, Hacker News, and BetaList

5.) After launch, we design a 3-month growth roadmap together that focuses on maximizing organic traffic and building simple features to fight churn

6.) If you want to keep working on the product after the program, we help you keep growing it! If you want to invest profits back into the business for growth, we match it

The Deal

Somewhere in between a co-founder & an investor, without all the BS

1.) In addition to our program, we cover all costs required to get your project to minimum sell-ability.

2.) We split profits 50/50 the first year, and 20/80 thereafter.

3.) After the program, we incorporate the project together and become 20% equity partners in the business.