We back talented people who want to build their own profitable side projects without VC


The Goal

Build a minimally sell-able product or service in <1 month, close your first sale on launch day, and grow into a profitable recurring side business by month 4

021 helps you do this without having you quit your job, spend any money, or raise venture capital––you have nothing to lose!

What is 021?

      An accelerator for smart, talented people who want to build an independent income by creating SaaS products, productized services, or simple e-commerce businesses.

021 is for:

  • Software engineers (with or without full-time jobs) who want to build a side project, but don’t know what to build, how to launch, how to get sales, or how to grow

  • Entrepreneurs (technical or not) who want to build & launch profitable products that are self-sustaining and grow without venture capital

  • Consultants who have useful skillsets they could market as freelancers, but don't want to run a traditional agency or know how to get clients

  • Data scientists who can scrape and manipulate data, but don't know how to productize or monetize their datasets

  • Product designers who can build polished physical & digital products, but don't what exactly to build or how to sell it

  • Influencers who have niche audiences they could sell to, but have nothing to sell

  • Students who have spare time and want to build a side hustle to make some extra cash and get practical experience

The 021 Timeline

Learn more about how 021 works here

Why work with us?

      We launched 15 products in 2018, generated $80k+ in sales, then doubled those sales in 2019 with a core team of only 2 people and no investors.

Over the years we've created a simple system for finding market opportunities, building minimal products in <1 month, and getting sales on day 1. We've designed 021 around that system.

Check out our portfolio here!

What do you get with 021?

  • Access to our team, resources, and community to guide you through finding, building, launching, growing, and selling an indie internet business

  • Guidance on finding the right product or service to build, then a refined product roadmap to launch a "minimally sell-able product" in 1 month

  • All pre-launch product expenses covered (like server costs, domains, hosting, tools like Intercom, etc.)

  • A product launch led by us, including sales copy, branding, a landing page, and marketing assets

  • A program manager to support you through your roadmaps with feedback and marketing tasks

  • A refined growth roadmap to help you grow your product and cut churn after launch

Our goal is to remove all friction that comes with starting an internet business. We help you cut out all the BS and avoid dead-end time sinks so you can just focus on building what matters.

You don't need to know how to code, have a product already, revenues, or even a good idea

We bet on the entrepreneur, not their product, traction, or market

To succeed in 021, you should:

  1. Have enough time to complete a 1-month product sprint and 3-month growth sprint (both can be done without being full-time)

  2. Be able to build their core product or operate their service (fulfill orders or manage an outsourced team) on their own

  3. Be willing to hustle and run their business independently


If this doesn't suffice, feel free to ask us questions in our live chat in the bottom right

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